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Hanking Mould Injection mold tool packing, shipping standard process


1) Need vacuum packing for Tool shipping for both shipping method (Ocean and Air).

2) Clean tool and waterlines, waterlines ID need to be sprayed, if possible, you can use rubber plug to plug the water fittings. To use proper volume of Slide to spray the entire PL and the outside of the tool, proper grease for the all the grease groove area. The standard is: the tool to be put on press once arrived at NA, Any re-disassemble to clean the oil is not allowed. Free of any oil or grease for hot runner system. Enough Salt bags in vacuum bag are needed.

3) Put mold in wooden box (such box need has Certificate of Fumigation) or plywood box. Double confirm no bag rip.

4) Keep balance and fix mold in the box in case of damaging during shipping.

5) Spare parts, electrode, connector or any other components required need to ship together with mold. Keep balance and safety. And put packing list in shipping box for easy checking

6) Need UP signature on box. Information of mold, consignee address and contact. All information need clear and fix well on box. An AL plaque with the general information need to install on the package.

7) Support foot need have space for forklift truck moving box

8) Gross weight of one box can’t be above 5000LB. If above, please separate core and cavity in two boxes. If weight of core or cavity still above 5000LB, please choose special container (open top container) for shipping mold and do waterproof treatment on outside of box

9) Packing list and Commercial invoice.

10) Proof of shipping insurance. For shipping insurance, need make insurance for each shipping mold and provide insurance certificate to customer.

11) Wood certificate. 
Provide Certificate of Fumigation if box is wooden box. For plywood box. Need to fill LCL-declaration-form.doc for each shipment.

12) Bill of lading. 
Need send Bill of Lading to customer or do telex release before goods arrived.