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HANKING mould workshop is equipped with full automated machines,including Japan Makino High-speed CNC machine centers, Makino Sinker EDM machines, Makino Wire EDM machines, Swiss Mikron High-speed CNC machining Centers.Swiss Precision CNC WEDM machine,Swiss CNC EDM Drilling machine,Korea Daehan EDM Machine Centers,China CHMR Slow Wire Cutting machines. 

These sophisticated machines, controlled via on-board programs, are managed and operated by our experienced engineers and seasoned technicians to fabricate the high quality mould.

Continuous investment in human resources and equipment has always been our long term strategy to improve the quality. 

The advantage of HANKING Moulds:

►100% quality, lead time and competitve price.

With our own in-house standards in Mould Design, Mould Processing and Mould Inspection, we continue to lead the field about tooling in China.

With more than 48 sets of mould making equipment  including CNC, EDM, WEDM and 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines, we can produce more than 700 sets of molds per year.

Industry-leading Software:



Power Mill

Mold-Flow Simulation



Whilst we do not claim to be the cheapest, for collective experience and expertise our 600+ strong team offers, we are exceptional value for money.

Prices are in $USD F.O.B. Hong Kong or ShenZhen.


Standard work flow not only guarantees the highest quality, but also ensures your tool is delivered on time.

We can produce molds with a tool frame size of up to L1,400 x W1,000 x H1,200 mm in around 40 days*.

Once we begin to make the mould, we follow below steps to deliver you new tooling:

1. Design For Manufacture (DFM)

Make analysis for the parts with the help of Mold Flow, to determine the structure of the mould;

Make any modification to the parts if it is needed ;

2. Design Mould According to Client & HANKING Standards

Standard mold base: LKM;

Standard mold components: Hasco, DME;

Hot runner: Mold Master, Yudoo, HRS;

We are also accustomed to adjusting our own standards to meet the stringent requirements of the client design, production or inspection although clients are generally extremely satisfied with our in-house standards.

3. Manufacture The Mould




Fitting: One set closing machine is suitable max size is          L1,200*W1,300*H1,000mm

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine: to check every dimension after every processing;

4. Client-Specified Finishing Processes


High-Gloss / Mirror Polish

Texture such as VDI Texture

Our steel supplier is below

Our hot runner and mould standard parts supplier is below